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Hit shows and films like Disney’s The Mandalorian and American Idol have demonstrated the power and flexibility of the Unreal  Engine's virtual set production for filming any and all types of content. 

UnPost is on the cutting edge of the new wave in virtual production, taking what used to be a technique reserved for huge Hollywood blockbusters and adapting it for independent and commercial budgets of all levels.

We partner with the best facilities in Los Angeles and around the country to provide the virtual production guidance and setup that fits your project's needs, whether that be LED-volume shooting, live performance, in-camera vfx, green screen, or virtual filming for video games and animation.

We also guide your production through the evolving landscape that is still being developed. It is a new world for many filmmakers, and UnPost and James Gang Pictures will get you up to speed,  ahead of the curve, and shooting your next production in the most cost-effective, adaptable, budget-saving way possible. 

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