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James Gang Pictures is a full-service film and media company focused on production, post-production, and development, based in Los Angeles, California.
We combine a love of old school storytelling and visual art with a passion for groundbreaking technology and cutting edge methodology to create original stories for an evolving media climate.
James Gang crafts visual stories to create original content, engage audiences, and elevate brands. 



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Drew James

Drew James is a 20 year veteran of the film industry, both in front and behind the camera, as well as in the editing room. Aiming to combine an old school approach to visual storytelling with the cutting edge of film and VFX tech to tell stories that have a real human impact. Drew is a director, writer, editor,  cinematographer, VFX supervisor, and actor who is devoted to the craft of making films and advancing the tools used to make them.

D.Z. Pierce

D.Z. Pierce is an award winning editor, out of the box brand strategist, and has been pushing the envelope of virtual production during its rapid rise in the marketplace over the last five years.

A videogame aficionado, Zach turned  his knowledge of gaming engines toward their use in filmmaking, and combines an artist's eye with an engineer's brain to create experiences, both real and virtual.

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